The newest member of Food & Wine's food-obsessed community is Peter Som, a fashion designer who creates dresses inspired by French pastries. Plus: His favorite holiday treat.

Peter Som: Fashion’s Big Foodie

"My parents were huge foodies. They would plan our family vacations around where they wanted to eat. We took a trip to France when I was 12, and I remember having an amazing meal at Georges Blanc. I ate everything they served me, even tripe, and I believe I liked it."

High-Stress Baking

"I got into baking three or four years ago. It was like that movie Waitress with Keri Russell: I was going through some crazy times, and baking was a really calming way to do something that had a definitive beginning, middle and end—a delicious end! My boyfriend loves my coconut cake, which is one of my specialties. When he asked me to make it for his birthday, of course I said yes. But then I found out how many people were coming to the party—45! I’ve learned that in baking, you can’t just double a recipe, so I had to make three separate batches. The cake weighed 20 pounds. There was flour everywhere. My kitchen was a crazy mess."

Kitchen Comfort

"The fashion world can be stressful and fast-paced. Cooking is a kind of escape for me. When it’s been a hectic day, to come home and make a slow-braised short rib, open a bottle of wine and relax—it’s like therapy."

Macaron as Muse

Macaron as Muse
Macaron as Muse
Macaron as Muse

"I look at desserts for color palettes. When you go into the pâtisserie shop Ladurée in Paris, which also opened in New York last summer, the colors just pop out at you. The amazing macarons really inspired the colors of my Resort 2012 collection. But usually I end up eating them all, and then the colors are gone."

Photos courtesy of Peter Som, Inc./Courtesy of Ladurée.

Peter Som’s Favorite Foods


"Affogato [espresso poured over gelato] is a no-fail dessert. I always have ice cream in my freezer and I make my own ice cream in the summer. I enjoy the the sound of the ice cream machine."

Holiday Treat

"I love panettone. Any chance to add custard to it, you can’t go wrong."

Family Dish

"My grandma made naw mai fan: Cantonese sticky rice with dried shrimp and Chinese sausage."


"I’m obsessed with my madeleine tins. Little baking molds are quite cute."

Sweet Snack

"Too often, I fall for Nutter Butters and Entenmann’s glazed chocolate doughnuts."

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