The newest member of Food & Wine’s food-obsessed community could become the most decorated American female swimmer ever at this summer’s Olympic Games.

Natalie Coughlin Cooks for a Cause

“At a charity event for the aquatics programs at UC Berkeley, my alma mater, I cooked a four-course meal for eight people out of Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home cookbook. The main course was the Catalan-style short ribs. It took several days—first roasting the beef bones for the stock, and then braising the ribs, and then making the stew. A good friend helped me serve the meal, but I did all the cooking myself. I typed up everything I had to do beforehand so I wouldn’t get distracted.”

Natalie Coughlin’s Diet

“When I’m training, I have a mostly vegetarian diet, but I don’t worry about carbs or calorie counts. And I definitely enjoy some wine with dinner.”

Natalie Coughlin at Home

Fresh Eggs

Fresh eggs from Natalie Coughlin’s small brood. Photo courtesy of Natalie Coughlin.

On Raising Chickens

“I have five chickens. They’re so easy—if you feed them, protect them and make sure they have water, you get an endless supply of eggs.”

Vitamix Blender

Natalie Coughlin uses her Vitamix to make fresh almond milk. Photo courtesy of Vitamix.

Kitchen Gadgetry

“My Pilates teacher talked me into getting a Vitamix blender. I’m obsessed with it. I use it to make fresh almond milk every morning.”

Indian-Spiced Edamame
Credit: © James Baigrie

In Natalie Coughlin’s garden: edamame, kale, figs and more. Photo © James Baigrie.

From Her Garden

“I attempted to grow edamame this year, but animals kept eating it. I grow kale, figs, tomatillos, Eureka lemons, eggplant. Padrón peppers are one of my favorites.”