Some of the world's most fascinating people are also passionate eaters and chef groupies. One is Josh Charles, star of the television show The Good Wife: actor, Baltimore booster and lover of all things Italian.

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Updated March 31, 2015

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Josh Charles's Hometown Picks

Baltimore's Best "I enjoy a good diner, and Baltimore has some for sure. Jimmy's in Fells Point and Wyman Park Restaurant are two of my favorites. I also love Sabatino's in Little Italy."

Josh Charles's New York City Top 10

Courtesy of The Little Owl

1. Babbo
What He Orders: Rib Eye for Two

2. Bar Pitti
What He Orders: Spinach

3. Grimaldi's
What He Orders: Pizza

4. Momofuku Milk Bar
What He Orders: Soft Serve

5. Minetta Tavern
What He Orders: Black Label Burger

6. Lupa
What He Orders: Bucatini all'Amatriciana

7. The Little Owl
What He Orders: Sliders

8. Knickerbocker
What He Orders: Sundaes

9. Omai
What He Orders: Monkfish Appetizer

10 Salumeria Rosi
What He Orders: Antipasti

Josh Charles's Favorites

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On Set

While filming CBS's The Good Wife in Brooklyn, New York, Josh sometimes ducks out to DuMont Burger for one of its well-charred patties, which are served on a grilled brioche bun with house-made pickles.

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On the Bay

When he's back in Baltimore, Josh goes for crabs at Costas Inn and Obrycki's.

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In the Glass

Josh drinks tequila: Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia extra-añejo, "with just a little ice."

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On the Shelf

Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything is "unpretentious and pretty great," he says.

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On the Plate

Josh's go-to pasta dish is the simple Italian staple cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper).

Josh Charles's Italian Holiday

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My good friend Mario Batali goes out west every summer to cook and spend time with the writer Jim Harrison. He usually brings other chefs to help him cook, but one year, he brought me. I was nervous and cutting potatoes so slowly that Jim came in and said, 'You're not a chef, are you?'"

Home Cooking

"I love Italy. I'm actually learning to speak Italian at Manhattan's Scuola Italiana del Greenwich Village right now. Last summer I spent a few weeks over there, and pastry chef Gina DePalma gave me an amazing guide to Rome. Two of her best picks were Ristoro degli Angeli and Enoteca Corsi. And Cesare Casella (of NYC's Salumeria Rosi) sent me to visit his mama, Rosa, who cooked lunch for me in Lucca. It was the most amazing meal I've had traveling."

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