The Hungry Crowdcolumn began in 2011, but F&W has been quizzing celebrities about their love of food since our launch in 1978.
James Beard
Photo courtesy of Dan Wynn

James Beard, 1978

Question: What food or wine gift would you bring to your host or hostess?
Answer: “I like to surprise certain wine-minded people with an unusual wine; for others who are food-minded, I like to find new products from France or Italy. If I like someone tremendously, I might bring them a pound of caviar.”

Andy Warhol

Photo © Getty Images

Andy Warhol, 1978

Question: What was the most memorable meal you ever had in a restaurant?
Answer: “A Big Mac with french fries at McDonald’s in Tokyo, because it tasted just like the McDonald’s in Union Square in New York.”

Diana Vreeland

Photo © Horst P. Horst - Art & Commerce

Diana Vreeland, 1979

Question: If cost were no object, what would your dream eating and drinking trip be?
Answer: “I wouldn’t travel for food. My idea of a marvelous meal is shepherd’s pie with salad and a divine sweet, preferably prepared in someone’s home, and accompanied by vodka (I don’t drink anything else). That’s the beginning and end of my gourmandism.”

Alice Waters

Photo © Aya Brackett

Alice Waters, 1979

Question: What would you eat for a summer picnic?
Answer: “This picnic is based on the premise that a chef doesn’t want to cook on her day off. I’d have my favorite Japanese place prepare and package grilled chicken wings, a spinach salad and sushi. I’d bring only chopsticks, straw mats, an ice cooler, some Champagne and a mason jar filled with strawberries.”

Fran Lebowitz

Photo © Wire Image

Fran Lebowitz, 1979

Question: What new developments in food do you particularly like?
Answer: “I had french-fried artichokes in Rome that were terrific; it’s a way of making a green vegetable taste like potato chips. They’re quite heavy, since you eat the entire artichoke, thistles and all. I had about eight of them, and I figure I consumed the equivalent of a french-fried elm tree.”