Food & Wine's food-obsessed fraternity grows with this month's new members: musician Dave Matthews, who went to Sonoma to help create his just-released Dreaming Tree wine, and California-based actor/director/organic farmer Emilio Estevez.

By Kelly Snowden
Updated March 31, 2015

Emilio Estevez's Spanish Way

"I was recently in Spain directing my film The Way. I love Spanish food, like real jamón serrano, things that aren't the same stateside. I brought back seeds for padrón peppers, which I grew and now fry in Spanish olive oil, adding salt and lemon. I also love chuletón, a Fred Flintstone–size cut of beef, and octopus. I don't crave it in the States, but in Galicia, it's unbelievable with paprika and potatoes."

Emilio Estevez on Convincing Neighbors to Garden

"During summer, I leave plantings outside for anyone to take. They are gone in hours. I've even inspired the mailman to start gardening."

Emilio Estevez's Tweets

Picked from the garden today. Quite possibly the best veggie on earth: Spanish musica green beans! —23 August

Two of my fave Central Coast California winemakers have opened new tasting rooms. Mikael and Sally at Kaena, and Curt at Sans Liege. Check 'em out! —26 July

Yea! Hippie power! "Farm Out" T-shirts coming soon! —12 July

And Farmville??? Really?? How about spending HALF the time spent playing a game, growing an ACTUAL, REAL, LIVE vegetable??— 8 June

Obama in Ireland drank his Guinness in 4 gulps. In Feb., while in Dublin, I did mine in the proper 3! I think that qualifies me to run for Pres. —24 May

Tips on Gardening and Farming: