Roots drummer Questlove talks to F&W about his food truck (Quest Loves Food), tasting fried chicken with the Philadelphia Eagles and his favorite hot sauces.

Questlove’s Favorite Hot Sauces

“I am the consummate bachelor. I’m the king of condiments. I have every kind of hot sauce known to man. In New York City, I frequent a Jamaican restaurant called Miss Lily’s, where I beg them for their pepper jelly. They don’t sell it, but I give them the puppy-dog eyes. At first it tastes gentle and sweet, like strawberry preserves, but 12 seconds later, it’s like the hottest jalapeño you’ve ever had.”

Questlove: Food-Truck Fan

“When I DJ’d on the West Coast, a lot of food trucks would park outside my late-night gigs. One served chicken and doughnuts, another did grilled cheese sandwiches—I’d eat, like, eight of them. One night, I thought, This is it. I know my calling. It started as a pipe dream, then the idea for Quest Loves Food fried chicken was born in Philadelphia.”

Questlove’s Fried Chicken Showdown

“I started a Twitter account, @Cook4Quest, to find the right chef for my truck, and we received 900 video résumés. I gathered my top 10 and flew them to Philly to cook for a tasting party with a couple of the Philadelphia Eagles. We tasted 45 plates of food. The drumstick was the obvious choice to be our signature dish.”