spa color therapy, Seared Duck Breasts with Port-Fruit Chutney

Bright-colored fruits and vegetables are certainly pretty; now researchers are saying in popular books like The Color Code that eating a rainbow of hues is the best way to get a range of nutrients. That's because these nutrients—antioxidants and other healthful compounds—are often also natural pigments, and different colors correspond to different varieties. Red tomatoes and watermelon contain lycopene, which can help prevent strokes. Orange-yellow winter squash and sweet potatoes have beta-carotene, which protects the eyes. Purple Concord grapes offer flavonoids, which lower "bad" cholesterol, while blueberries may help keep the brain young. Green broccoli contains sulforaphane, found to fight cancer.

Spa Color Therapy

Maximus Spa Salon, Manhattan Massages and other treatments include a colored-light show to help ease anxiety: Green promotes feelings of well-being, and blue calms emotions (from $95; 212-431-3333).

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, New Orleans The Couples Color Therapy Bath lets two people soak in water infused with essential oils while colorful lights shine along the sides of the tub ($50; 504-670-2929).

Miraval Resort and Spa, near Tucson For the Aura Jin treatment, guests choose one of 30 bottles of aromatherapy oil, which is placed in a lamp that emits fragrance and colored light during a massage (from $95; 800-232-3969).

Canyon Ranch, Tucson Inspired by principles in Chinese medicine, the Chroma-Lift facial uses a kaleidoscope of clays and lights to help reduce puffiness ($175; 800-742-9000).

The Spa at Torrey Pines, La Jolla, California The Li'Tya Sacred Earth Ritual, based on the practices of Australia's aboriginal peoples, includes scalp and body massages and a multihued clay wrap for detoxifying ($260; 858-777-6690).
—Leesa Chalk Suzman

Bright Over White

All fruits and vegetables contain disease-fighting antioxidants, but the most brightly colored ones provide the greatest health benefits. Opt for pink grapefruit over white, for instance; the lycopene that colors the flesh pink helps prevent stroke. Potatoes with yellow, orange, red, purple or blue flesh contain more health-promoting phytochemicals than the white varieties. Winter squashes, with orange or yellow flesh, provide more vitamins, minerals and fiber than white-fleshed summer squashes like zucchini, which offer only minimal nutrients.

Makeup Palettes

Diane von Furstenberg Beauty Glamour Compacts, part of the fashion designer's new makeup line, come with lip colors, eye shadows, blushes and a translucent powder in four color families, including Follow Me Pinks ($75 at Nordstrom; 888-282-6060).

Lauren Hutton's Good Stuff Try Me! Trio contains the model's makeup necessities: contouring shadow for cheeks, concealer and blush, plus a bonus lip balm ($25; 888-7-LAUREN).

Vincent Longo 5 Pan Sheer Lip Palette includes three of the makeup artist's bestselling lip stains—Cherry, mauve-brown Chica Mokita, chocolate Belle Étoile—and two frosted hues ($35; 877-LONGO-99).

Lorac Portable Paints come in small pans that snap together so you can choose which eye shadows, blushes and lip glosses to carry each day ($40; 800-845-0705).

Trish McEvoy Nude Lip Essentials collects six lip colors—from pale sand to deep mahogany—in a slim compact ($38; 800-431-4306).
—Jennifer Laing