Box wines last because the bag inside collapses as the wine is poured, so almost no oxygen reaches the liquid. Plus, they offer great value.

Uncorked Wines that Last:

10 Uncorked Wines that Won't Fade
Red, White and Orange Wines
Uncorked Wines that Last

Box Wine Values:

2008 Andes Peaks Cabernet Sauvignon ($19 for 3 liters)

Vines in Chile's fertile Central Valley provide the fruit for this appealingly spicy, medium-bodied Cabernet.

2008 Banrock Station Shiraz ($19 for 3 liters)

This juicy, easygoing red has exactly the characteristics that have made Australian Shiraz so popular: vivid blackberry fruit, a hint of black pepper and a soft, lush texture.

2008 Würtz Riesling Trocken ($24 for 3 liters)

The limestone soils of Germany's Rheinhessen region are known for producing zesty Rieslings like this completely dry one.

Brian Duncan on Wines Under $10:

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