Fashion magazines tell you how to dress your age; here we tell you how to cook your age—experiment in your twenties, make dishes ahead of time in your forties and luxuriate in your sixties. We’re not sure these generalizations are true, but we hope you agree that the three menus are fantastic.

Thanksgiving in your 20s

For her irrevent take on the holiday, Melissa Rubel looks to India, with yogurt-marinated turkey breast and curried butternut squash.

Thanksgiving in your 40s

For Grace Parisi, Thanksgiving means family and plenty of kids, so her meal is easy to make, with a classic turkey and stuffing.

Thanksgiving in your 60s

Marcia Kiesel’s Thanksgiving meal is elegant and luxe, with delectable recipes like roasted capon and fig-and-prosciutto stuffing.

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    By Melissa Rubel JacobsonMarcia Kiesel and Grace Parisi