TGI Fridays Will Now Sell You Raw Meat to Cook at Home

The Butcher Shop gives diners a chance to cook TGI Fridays burgers and ribs in their own kitchen.

In the olden days—before March 2020, that is—chain restaurants pretty much stuck to cooking your meals (examples like Cracker Barrel aside). But as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced eateries to look for new revenue streams, suddenly, many are happy to sell customers whatever they have on hand. Subway will sell you salami, Panera will sell you produce, and TGI Friday will sell you raw meat.

This week, TGI Fridays has launched its new online "Butcher Shop." More than just a place to buy cuts of raw meat (though they'll kind of do that, too), this new online option is a chance to turn your own kitchen into a TGI Fridays restaurant, offering "a selection of uncooked TGI Fridays' premium meats, seafood, chicken, ribs, and sides that are all pre-cut and pre-seasoned for easy preparation at home."

Specifically, these new ready-to-cook meals (complete with cooking instructions) include options like the "All-American Cheeseburger Kit"—which features burger patties, challah buns, American cheese, toppings, and even potato chips—or the "Signature Whiskey-Glaze Burger & Chicken Sandwich Kit" if you want to toss in some chicken breasts and Whiskey-Glaze sauce.

Or maybe you want a full meat feast? Fridays is also touting a Signature Whiskey-Glaze Rib Kit featuring four full racks of prepped/partially-cooked ribs, a Steak & Ribs Kit with both full racks of ribs and flat iron steaks, and even a massive "Surf & Turf Kit" said to be "2 flat iron steaks, 4 chicken breasts, 2 salmon fillets, and 18 garlic-marinated shrimp, sides, salad, and breadsticks with seasonings, butter, and our Signature Whiskey-Glaze included."

"Anyone who loves to grill can up their game with TGI Fridays Butcher Shop on their side," David Stadtmiller, the brand's executive chef, said in the announcement. "Our team has done all the heavy lifting to trim and prep each and every ingredient so that all that's left is the fun part—the grilling."

Meanwhile, if you want to do some of the lifting yourself, that's an option as well: The chain explains, "Other TGI Fridays Butcher Shop offerings include individual portions such as an 8-oz beef tenderloin filet and other steaks, chicken-breast-only packs, 6-oz salmon filets, burger-only packs, 10-packs of beef sliders, 1-pound packs of shrimp, and more." So, no, TGI Fridays may not be looking to replace your grocery store as much other chains, but the Butcher Shop can be more than just a meal kit service.

If you find the idea of turning your house into a TGI Fridays appealing, you can go to under either "Burgers and Sandwiches" or the "Butcher Shop" icon to see what's available in your area. The brand says all orders are available for pick-up/takeout, while delivery options may vary.

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