By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 26, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of Lotteria

Japanese burger chain Lotteria – known for all sorts of wonderful menu item stunts including a burger with a hamburger patty, cheeseburger patty, rib patty and shrimp patty, as well as a burger on the opposite end of the spectrum that literally had nothing on it at all –just introduced its 2016 Halloween menu, and the centerpiece is a burger meant to look like a monster is sticking its tongue out at you. It’s called the Purple Magic Bacon Double Excellent Cheeseburger… obviously. (Serious question: In Japan, do people who name things get paid by the word?)

To get the desired effect, Lotteria uses a cheese sauce made with purple potato to provide the hue of a mouth and then a large piece of smoked bacon protrudes from the sauce out of the bun to hopefully have the appearance of an evil tongue. If that’s not giving you the shivers, the whole thing is also served in a special coffin-shaped Halloween box – which might be a scary reminder of where you’ll end up if you eat too many bacon double cheeseburgers.

Granted, a burger with a tongue sounds a bit on the cutesy side for Halloween, but it’s certainly spookier than the other stuff on Lotteria’s Halloween menu – things like a Halloween Shrimp Burger that has pumpkin in the sauce or garlic fries served in a Jack-o’-lantern bag (yawn). Maybe Japan should learn from us Americans: The proper way to celebrate Halloween isn’t by eating hamburgers; it’s by eating so much candy you spend November 1 in a sugar coma.