While the country west of St. Louis once signaled wide open spaces to early settlers, it now promises wine-filled store shelves to well-heeled oenophiles. The more than 20 new wine shops in the western reaches of St. Louis County include Provisions Gourmet Market, The Wine Merchant and Brown Derby Wine Cellar.

Does grape-stomping promote good sibling relations? Maybe so. Here are a few wineries around the world doing a fraternal order of business.

  1. Gordon Brothers, Washington State
  2. Martin Brothers, California
  3. Cruse et Fils Frères, France
  4. Delas Frères, France
  5. Dourthe Frères, France
  6. Bright Brothers, Portugal
  7. Fratelli Nistri, Italy
  8. Fratelli Oddero, Italy
  9. Fratelli Pighin, Italy
  10. Brown Brothers, Australia

Tall Tequila

Barrique has been a byword in snooty wine circles for some time. Now it's bandied about by tequila drinkers. The Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio is a connoisseur's spirit made of 100 percent blue agave aged in barriques (1-liter bottle $500; at fine wine stores nationwide).


Reserve is one of the most often used words on a wine label. It usually denotes a wine that has undergone extra aging, though it may also designate one made with higher quality grapes. Then again, it may just be a marketing device.

the 1996 Veramonte Primus Merlot ($14). How a Merlot should taste: rich, ripe and elegant.