There would be a lot more beer in the world if people followed their dreams.

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 24, 2017
Where to Drink Craft Beer in Portland: The Commons Brewery
Credit: Courtesy of The Commons Brewery

Do you dream of being a winemaker or craft beer brewer? You’re not alone. According to recent survey, one out of every ten people lists winemaker or brewer as their dream job.

The study, funded by The Balvenie whisky, asked 2,000 British people what they would want to do the most for a living if they had the option to leave their desk jobs and 77 percent revealed that they would opt to learn and master a craft. Here are the top ten fantasy occupations:

1. Photographer
2. Musician
3. Interior Designer
4. Chef/Baker
5. Jewelry Designer
6. Landscape Gardener
7. Illustrator/Artist
8. Beer Brewer/Winemaker
9. Potter
10. Farmer

Who will make up this new batch of career-jumping craftsmen? According to the survey, security guards most wanted out (95-percent were eager to leave their jobs), with IT consultants following close behind and accountants being the third largest job-hating group.