Eleven from 'Stranger Things' would be proud.
top waffle orders on seamless
Credit: Angela Bax / Getty Images

If you don’t have space in your kitchen for the unitasker that is the waffle iron (unless you get really clever with it, like in our recipe that makes brownies with one), which makes a mess that you would then be committed to cleaning up anyway, there are other ways to get your hands on this signature breakfast dish. We're speaking of course about a now-ubiquitous element of our Internet-centric culture: Grubhub. Now that Stranger Things has finally returned for its second season on Netflix, you'll probably want to hop on the app and grab a waffle order of your own.

In honor of the show's premiere today, the meal delivery service has revealed its ten most popular waffle orders. Chicken and waffle sandwiches are the top waffle dish to order on Grubhub—and the company adds that its popularity has increased 310 percent since the second season of Stranger Things was announced in July—while waffles and Nutella, another classic choice, comes in second place. Surprisingly enough, Belgian waffles, perhaps one of the more well-known varieties of waffle, came in sixth place, just behind vegan waffles, which are apparently a thing.

Taking the number 8 and 9 spots on the list are two perhaps uncommon combinations, mini waffles and wings, and chicken and red velvet waffles. Whether or not you'd prefer smaller-than-normal waffles would pair well with chicken wings, or that red velvet would be a complimentary flavor to chicken, but both are putting together two things together that are independently delicious to create what you might consider the ultimate hybrid breakfast food.

Here’s the full list, in case you need help deciding what to order for breakfast (or honestly, lunch or dinner) while you’re binge-watching Stranger Things:

  1. Chicken and waffle sandwiches
  2. Waffles and Nutella
  3. Crispy chicken bacon cheddar waffle sandwiches
  4. Chocolate waffles
  5. Vegan waffles
  6. Belgian waffles
  7. Fruit waffles
  8. Mini waffles and wings
  9. Chicken and red velvet waffles
  10. Sweet Liege waffles