By Noah Kaufman
Updated August 04, 2016
Credit: © Peter Hermus/Getty Images

Even though your hardcore party friends might see them as little more than a buzzkill, the world of home breathalyzers has been rapidly expanding—over $800 million in sales last year in the United States alone. But who wants to go to the trouble of carrying one around on their keychain when you could just have a reminder of your BAC right on your body?

We’ve already seen the FitBit-like contraption that you can strap to your wrist, but researchers at the University of California San Diego led by professor Joseph Wang have taken the idea to it’s next logical and terrifying step, developing a temporary tattoo to let you know if you’re too drunk. The entire setup consists of the temporary tattoo, which electrochemically detects alcohol levels through your sweat, and a flexible circuit board, that attaches to the tattoo with a magnet and can communicate to Bluetooth devices.

The addition of the circuit board means this might not be as fashionable as the henna tats you got at Coachella when you were 23, but it’s at least as useful.

“When you’re out at a party or at a bar, this sensor could send alerts to your phone to let you know how much you’ve been drinking,” said Jayoung Kim, one of the PhD students involved in developing the tattoo. Although, if you are unaware of how much you’ve been drinking, it’s safe to assume you’ve been drinking too much.

Still, the tattoo and circuit board could prove a useful tool. Next up the UCSD team is developing an additional device that could monitor alcohol levels continuously for 24 hours.

It’s all more precise than the previous way tattoos were used to determine your drunkenness: Whether or not you agreed to put them on your lower back.