Whether or not you caught (or were interested in) my comment below on the terroir piece by food scientist Harold McGee and chef Daniel Patterson that ran in last week's Sunday NY Times, there's an interesting—and lengthy—series of comments on the same subject following the Times's Eric Asimov's characteristically lucid analysis on his blog The Pour. You can find the whole thread here. And if that ain't enough terroir-talk for you, Alder Yarrow has another take on the Time piece on his smart wine blog Vinography, also followed by lengthy discussion from other readers of the blog. And, by gum, there's also Jamie Goode weighing in on the piece over at Wine Anorak (another very good wine blog), followed by yet more reader input. It's a veritable dust-storm of terroir debate.

Well. It all just summons the wish that someday, I hope soon, we'll have a comment feature working on our F&W blogs. Alas, until then I have to be satisfied pointing readers towards all the lively discussions happening elsewhere. Life just isn't fair, is it?