Is it enough to sway undecided New York voters?

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 24, 2017

New Yorkers will have a lot to consider before casting their votes in today's presidential primary: Which candidate cares the most about equal pay? Whose foreign policy will be more effective? And, of course, one issue particularly close to New Yorkers' hearts: Where do the candidates stand on pizza crust thickness?

While most of the candidates have stayed quiet on this incredible important subject, one did step forward with a response: Ted Cruz. At a Times Square town hall meeting, Cruz proudly proclaimed that he was a “thin crust guy.” He also threw some shade onto fellow Republican candidate John Kasich, saying, “I will note in the critical pizza primary I am the only one of the Republican candidates who doesn’t eat pizza with a fork and a knife.” Per Cruz, the only way to eat a piece of pizza is “in your hands.” Cue mic drop.

Though Cruz may have gained some NYC cred with that sick burn, he probably lost it all when he revealed his preferred pizza spot: California Pizza Kitchen.

Which is the more grave pizza sin: eating a slice with a fork? Or eating a BBQ chicken pizza from a West Coast chain? The voters will decide.

[h/t KNEB]