Do you eat like a Clinton supporter or a Trump fan?

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 24, 2017

What was the last food you searched for online? The answer could reveal not only your cravings but also your political leanings. The folks over at Google Trends recently compared New Yorkers’ searches for candidate names with their recipe searches and came up with some intriguing results.

Sanders Googlers, for example, are all about Mexican food using search terms like “authentic Mexican enchilada recipe” and “guacamole recipe.” People curious about John Kasich, on the other hand, were more interested in old-school all-American foods, searching for things like “chicken casserole recipes” and “crescent roll recipes.” But the best reveal is that Ted Cruz's fans seem to be as intrigued by soup as he is with the search term "carrot bisque soup recipes" making it into the top results. The only difference between Cruz and his Googlers is that they are DIYers, while he prefers a pantry full of the canned stuff.

Check out all of Google Trends’ findings below.

Bernie Sanders Googlers also searched for:
Vegan Passover recipes
Authentic Mexican recipes
Eggplant recipes
Authentic Mexican enchilada recipe
Guacamole recipe

Hillary Clinton Googlers also searched for:
Shrimp scampi recipes
Quinoa recipes
Meat pie recipes
Arugula salad recipes
Greenseasoning recipes

Donald Trump Googlers also searched for:
Pork chop recipes
Rice bowl recipes
Tilapia recipes
Flounder recipes
Double chocolate Quest bar recipes

Ted Cruz Googlers also searched for:
Kung pao chicken recipes
Carrot bisque soup recipes
Swai fish recipes
Salad recipes
Rice bowl recipes

John Kasich Googlers also searched for:
Filet mignon recipes
Eggplant recipes
Chicken casserole recipes
Crescent roll recipes
Homemade spaghetti sauce recipes

[h/t NY Post]