Two new high-end grills make it clear that the simple pleasures of barbecuing are getting more advanced--and more expensive. The 56-inch Vieluxe from Weber, is made entirely of brushed stainless steel and looks like it wandered out of a four-star restaurant kitchen. It comes with all the bells and whistles, as well it should for $8,000. Under the hood, six mighty burners pump out 75,000 BTUs an hour; the two side burners are even more powerful. Stainless steel tubes evenly distribute wood smoke, and a sliding drawer hides the gas tank. There's even a built-in infrared rotisserie with a basket instead of a spit; just drop in a bird and flip the switch for a perfect roast chicken (866-843-5893). Dacor's new 48-inch model also has an infrared rotisserie, along with brass side burners and an unusually large grilling surface. But its real claim to fame is its lighting system, the first of its kind: Halogen lamps mounted under the hood illuminate the entire grill for easy after-dark cooking. We can't imagine why no one thought of this before ($3,700; 800-793-0093).

--Monica F. Forrestall