By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 22, 2015

Does opposing GMO salmon protect our natural food supply or does it hinder innovation in the field aquaculture? Though the debate continues, the non-profit DC-based think tank the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation has made it pretty clear where they stand. The group has nominated the Center for Food Safety for their 2015 “Luddite Award,” seeking to bring attention to “the year’s worst innovation killers.”

According to Food Safety News, ITIF specifically targeted the Center for Food Safety for going to court to fight against FDA-approved genetically-modified salmon. “The salmon represents a real innovation that will improve people’s health while reducing the price of food … meaning that for the first time salmon could be a low-cost substitute for meat in American diets,” said Robert Atkinson, ITIF’s founder and president, lambasting the fellow DC-based non-profit. “Besides opposing more affordable and healthier salmon, the Center for Food Safety also has pushed to stigmatize foods derived through biotech improvements by labeling them even when exhaustive research concludes there is no health, safety, or nutritional information to convey to the public,” the ITIF was also quoted as saying.

The CFS has not yet responded to news of the nomination, though it’s unlikely a public shaming is the kind of tactic that will get them to change their stance. They also might not care too much either considering that anti-GMO activists recently scored a victory when the latest federal spending bill snuck in language requiring GMO-salmon be labeled as modified.