The Republic of Tea has released two new blends that pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
royal tea blends
Credit: Courtesy of The Republic of Tea

If you are obsessed with the British royal family, you will not find any judgment here. I myself can relate to being a dedicated follower of every news item about Kate Middleton’s current pregnancy, and the eating habits of the young Prince Harry and even younger Prince George.  Most of us regular people (except perhaps for Meghan Markle, but she was already an actress) will ever know what it’s like to live the micro-managed, though glamorous, life of a royal person, but the interworkings of their lives provide an endless source of entertainment. That’s why it shouldn’t be much of a shock that the Netflix series The Crown, which chronicles the early years of the reign of Elizabeth II, turned out to be a hit. Watching her on your television screen is just about as close as you'll ever get to meeting the queen, but if you want to celebrate her life in another way, you might want to pick up the new The Republic of Tea blends that were inspired by her and Winston Churchill.

The new blends have arrived just in the time to celebrate the second season of The Crown, which premieres on December 8. The first tea, called the Prime Minister’s Blend, is a black tea flavored with oil of bergamot, while the other, called The Queen’s Evening Tea, is a chamomile tea with a hint of honey. The containers are decorated with images of Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill as depicted on the show. You can also purchase a gift set that contains both blends.

With a new exhibit at The Plaza hotel featuring teas and cocktails inspired by Downton Abbey, pretending to live like a British aristocrat seems to be in vogue at the moment. Now is the perfect time to dress up in your fanciest outfit and pretend to be a noblewoman (Maybe a duchess? A countess?) for the day. If you're not much of an actress, you could take a much simpler route, and drink The Republic of Tea blends while binge-watching the new season of The Crown, or just indulge in a cup before bed to feel more like the queen herself. There’s no easier way to imitate our imperial British cousins than by taking up tea drinking.