Pure Leaf has launched an Amazon Alexa skill inspired by its Tea House Collection flavors.
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Pureleaf Amazon Echo
Credit: Daniel Berman/Getty Images

Looking for inner peace in your life? A new skill called Tea House Meditations available on Amazon’s Echo devices can help you find it. Created by Pure Leaf tea, the skill guides you through a three minute meditation exercise which you can access on any Alexa-enabled device, including your phone.

Inspired by the Pure Leaf’s new Spiced Chai and Strawberry & Garden Mint flavors, the program lets you access five different types of mediation, all based around the Pure Leaf Tea House Collection: happiness, gratitude, focus, relaxation, and energy. The energy meditation exercise, for instance, is based on the Fuji Apple with Ginger iced tea flavor, while the exercise for relaxation is based on the Wild Blackberry & Sage flavor.

After downloading the skill onto your Echo device, all you have to do is say “Alexa, open Tea House Meditations.” Alexa then asks which of the five exercises you’d like to open. From there, Pure Leaf’s meditation expert takes over and guides you through the three-minute program. You can try it out at home if you’re feeling unfocused, stressed, or just need a moment of mindfulness during your hectic day.

The best part is, if you have the Amazon Echo app on your phone, you can access the exercises on the go. That means that if you’re having an especially chaotic commute, crushed in a crowded train for instance, with a stranger’s backpack pressed against your face, you can fire up the relaxation mediation for three minutes of serenity before you have to jostle your way off the train.

If you are using the Tea House Meditations skill at home though, Pure Leaf recommends coupling the exercises with essential oils and a diffuser to help you really get into the mood for meditation.

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