Tea 24 offers a different blend for every day leading up to Christmas.

boxed advent calendar of tea bags
Credit: Courtesy of Tea Revv

If chocolates and small toys are a little too predictable for your taste, it might be time to find yourself an advent calendar that fits your niche a little better. Sure you could booze your way to Christmas with wine and whiskey, but what if you want a cozier way to ring in the season? If you're a fan of warm drinks and quirky packaging, then this tea advent calendar is going to be right up your alley.

tea 24 tea revv advent calendar
Credit: Courtesy of Tea Revv

With Tea Revv's Tea 24—a gift set of 24 different, individually packaged loose leaf tea blends—you're not going to get a wall calendar that you can open for a daily surprise. Instead, they'll provide you, with the help of a cute illustration, a different blend of tea to drink each day. You'll be kicking off December with Pumpkin Spice Chai and celebrating Christmas Eve with a blend that's just called "Merry Christmas." Other blends include "Notorious Eggnog," "Ice Cream Earl Grey," "Maple Green," and, in true advent calendar fashion, "Ultimate Chocolate."

Though Tea 24 was originally conceived as an advent calendar, they'll also be releasing, with the help of Kickstarter, box sets of seasonal tea blends for the other three seasons. For a £20 pledge, about $27, you can get the "Winter Edition Box," which is just the advent calendar, this November. A £24 (about $32) option for loose leaf tea rookies will add a tea infuser to the mix. £75 (about $100) will get you, along with the winter box this November, the Spring, Summer, and Autumn boxes which will arrive next March. For people who are so ahead of the game that they're already doing holiday shopping in September, you can buy five of the advent calendars to give to your friends by pledging £90 (about $120). Check out more about the Tea 24 advent calendar on Kickstarter.