She also fights Andy Samberg in the short clip posted to her Twitter account.
Taylor Swift commercial
Credit: Gary Miller / Getty Images

In a new commercial for AT&T, Taylor Swift reveals that even she cannot resist the allure of an unattended tub of raw cookie dough in the fridge when she’s craving a snack.

The ad, which the singer posted to her Twitter account yesterday, shows what a typical day is like for the superstar. First, she hits the studio to record her music, but then she gets distracted by her cat Olivia Benson, whom she has to play with in the middle of her recording session. When she gets hungry, she tries to eat healthy, trying out “one of those kale rice bowls.” Later, when she bumps into Andy Samberg in the hallway, the two engage in ferocious hand-to-hand combat—Swift, of course, ends up coming out victorious.

Eventually, Swift gets hungry again—we can relate—and sneaks into a kitchen, where she finds an unguarded tub of raw cookie dough, which she decides to dig into with a spoon while sitting on the floor. Who would leave a tub of cookie dough in a communal fridge, you ask? We don't know either. If, however, you don’t often come upon a public refrigerator stocked with such tempting treats, you can learn to make your own version with this recipe.

Turns out, the cookie dough Swift indulged in actually belonged to someone else. Another relatable situation—who among us hasn’t sampled our co-worker’s lunch from the work fridge?—and in an attempt to hide from the true owner of the cookie dough, she locks herself in a closet. Happens to the best of us, Taylor.

Once she frees herself, she’s back in the studio, and the commercial ends with a tease that new music is coming soon. Swift has been dropping singles from her new album "Reputation" since late August. Besides her fight with Samberg, it seems like a pretty relatable day from the pop star, overall. At the very least, now we know the singer loves cookie dough just as much as us regular people.