By Matt McCue
Updated March 28, 2014
The Bacony Tots
| Credit: Rebecca Veldman

Tater Tots with Pork Remoulade and Bacon Dust; Chambers Eat + Drink, San Francisco

Tater tots, last seen in the high school cafeteria, are making a resurgence in San Francisco, most notably in the skilled hands of chef Trevor Ogden. While the tots sell the dish, the killer component is a spicy, tangy sauce that’s kicked up by rendered bacon bits and pork scraps.

Crackpot Inspiration: When one of Ogden’s cooks whipped up a ketchup and sambal aioli for a family meal, Ogden knew it would pair perfectly with a mini version of his crispy potato side dish—so he set them up and made them dance.

Outrageous Innovation: Though Ogden’s idea was to evoke the fond memories associated with this 1980s staple, he went new school with the bacon dust. He mixes bacon fat, salt and tapioca maltodextrin (a fat stabilizer) together, passes it through a sieve and magically creates a powder with crack-like addictive properties.

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