Credit: © giuseppe masci / Alamy

London’s Tate Britain museum is planning on taking art into a whole new sensory realm with an exhibition featuring paintings that, among other things, you can “taste.”

No, we’re not talking about licking the oil on a Jackson Pollock painting (you might get some cigarette ash in your mouth). Instead, the project—known as Tate Sensorium and slated for a fall 2015 opening—aims to use interactive technology to show how sensory input beyond just what we see can change the way we experience art.

Exactly how that will happen, though, is still being determined. Flying Object, the creative agency that has been commissioned to put together the exhibition, has already assembled a lineup of artists and scientists to cover much of the visual, aural, olfactory and tactile artistic additions. But figuring out a way to make art delight the palate has apparently proved a bit trickier.

“We’re still looking for a taste person,” Tom Pursey, one of Flying Object's founders, told Quartz. “It’s all slightly experimental, but that’s also why the scientists are really interested in being involved, because we’ll actually be doing a lot of measurements around how people react to everything. And from an artistic point of view…If we can complement your visual experience with these other four senses in a meaningful way, then maybe we can change how you feel about the art.”