Marnie Fudge's first job was selling Canon copiers, the beginning of an obsession with color. Another passion, for flavor, led her to start a business that provided restaurants in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta, with high-end ingredients from around the world, like organic lavender blossoms from France, baby gold beets from British Columbia and fresh herbs from Hawaii. Today, she is the co-founder of a three-year-old company that combines these fixations: Palette Fine Foods. Its first products were spice rubs (like Cinnamon Chili and Porcini) and lavender honey. More recently, Fudge introduced an innovative line of syrups, cleverly packaged in brightly colored mini paint cans that correspond to their flavor, such as bright green for Apple Ginger and neon yellow for Meyer Lemon Rosemary. The syrups have myriad uses: You can add them to Champagne or sparkling water or freeze them for a delicious, effortless sorbet. Although most flavored syrups are overly sweet, Palette's are tart and savory, which is exactly how Fudge wants them. The company presses its own fruit, without additives or preservatives, so everything is natural, including the color. The syrups' pure, honest taste is as distinctive as the packaging (from $10 for 23.2 ounces; 403-270-7339 or

—Ruby Cutolo