Richard Penfold has been smoking for years, and his habit has finally paid off. Trained in Scotland, where he taught smoking and filleting at North Atlantic Fisheries College, Penfold packed his family off to Stonington, Maine, with a mission to spread the word on proper smoking techniques. The smoker Penfold swears by is the Innes Walker kiln, designed by an elderly Scottish woman named Kate Walker. The kiln produces a vertical airflow that Penfold says is ideal for creating flavor and texture. Those qualities are evident in his outstanding line of smoked foods, Stonington Sea Products, made using mostly the local catch from the waters off the coast of Maine. Our current favorites? Finnan Haddie (haddock), Bay of Fundy salmon and rope-cultured Blue Hill Bay mussels, which Penfold flavors with a delicious tomato-based salsa or a honey-Dijon mustard sauce ($7 for an 8-ounce jar of mussels in sauce; 888-402-2729).
—Monica F. Forrestall