The dairy aisle is stocked with dozens of yogurt brands. Never mind all the flavors and mix-ins—even choosing a plain yogurt can be daunting. We tasted 15 plain varieties; these are our four favorites.

Total 2%

staff comment "Full-bodied, rich, almost like crème fraîche."
interesting bite This Greek yogurt is thicker than American-made yogurt because the whey is strained off.

Horizon Organic Fat Free

staff comment "Creamy, with a slightly tart, lemony flavor."
interesting bite Horizon’s founders lobbied to pass the Organic Standards Act, which came into effect in October 2002.

Dannon Premium Lowfat

staff comment "Silky, with a pleasantly mild taste."
interesting bite The company recently downsized its single-portion cups from 8 ounces to 6—and dropped the price, too.

Old Chatham Sheepherding Company

staff comment "Lovely thick consistency and a sharp, tangy flavor."
interesting bite Old Chatham yogurt is made with sheep’s milk, which is higher in protein than cow’s milk.

Insider Tip

At the Yoghurt Place II in Manhattan, owner Vea Kessissoglou sells deliciously creamy, authentic Greek yogurt produced at her parents’ factory in Queens ($4.25 a pint; 71 Sullivan St.; 212-219-3500).