Our recent blind tasting of a dozen national brands of vanilla ice cream took a bit longer than most of our evaluations, what with editors trying each variety over and over, "just to make sure." When at last the results were tabulated, these four premium pints won by a landslide.

Häagen-Dazs Vanilla

staff comment "Dense, packed and creamy."
interesting bite Stevie Nicks raves that it’s her favorite comfort food.

Ciao Bella Tahitian Vanilla

staff comment "Love the crunchy vanilla beans!"
interesting bite Ciao Bella’s original owner brought the recipe from Turin, Italy.

Berkshire Vanilla

staff comment "High vanilla impact."
interesting bite Made of milk from Guernsey cows, which has the highest fat content of any cow’s milk.

Edy’s Dreamery Vanilla

staff comment "Strong, clean flavor."
interesting bite The intense flavor comes from triple-strength vanilla extract.