Since it’s so easy to make your own salsa when tomatoes are in season, it’s no surprise that in an F&W staff tasting of store-bought products, our favorites offered something extra: vegetables roasted over an open flame, unusual varieties of peppers or tart green tomatillos.

Coyote Cocina Fire-Roasted Salsa

staff comment "I’d put this on anything—bread, chips, chicken, vegetables."
interesting bite Was invented at chef Mark Miller’s Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe from chipotle chiles and fire-roasted tomatoes.

Green Mountain Gringo Salsa

staff comment "Tastes bright and fresh."
interesting bite Made with tomatoes, tomatillos, jalapeños and pasilla peppers in the back of a Vermont grocery store.

Valley of Mexico Fire-Roasted Salsa

staff comment "Good texture and body; well-rounded blend of smoke and heat."
interesting bite A straightforward mix of roasted tomatoes and jalapeños with a curveball thrown in: sesame oil.

Frontera Hot Habanero Salsa

staff comment "You can taste the flowery flavor of the habaneros."
interesting bite Chef Rick Bayless of Chicago’s Frontera Grill fell in love with the fiery taste of roasted habanero salsa in the Yucatán, where it’s a staple.