The F&W staff tasted two dozen different regular, ridged, reduced fat and organic potato chips and named these four best.

Cape Cod Whole Earth Collection Robust Russet

staff comment "Perfect texture; not too salty, with a twinge of oil."
interesting bite Each Cape Cod potato chip is individually inspected by hand before being salted.

Kettle Krinkle Cut Salt & Pepper

staff comment "Powerfully peppery."
interesting bite Kettle Foods converts used cooking oil into fuel for several of its cars and trucks, eliminating over four tons of emissions annually.

Ruffles Natural Sea Salted Reduced Fat

staff comment "Just the right salt—great for layering in a sandwich."
interesting bite In 1958, Ruffles became the first ridged chip to be sold nationally.

Terra Red Bliss made with Olive Oil

staff comment "Very natural potato flavor."
interesting bite Terra Chips were created by Dana Alexander catering company in the 1980s when they needed a signature snack for parties.