To find the ultimate snack for those winter DVD nights, we searched for the best microwave buttered popcorn, tasting 10 regular and low-fat brands. Our top picks had a winning combination of crisp texture and satisfying flavor—and didn't leave us with greasy fingers.

ACT II Butter

staff comment "Superlight on the butter. Appealing."
interesting bite At about $2.50 for a six-pack, ACT II costs half as much as the other winners.

Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop! 94% Fat Free Butter

staff comment "Excellent texture and a good salt level."
interesting bite Orville Redenbacher crossbred 30,000 popcorn hybrids while developing his trademark product.

Pop Secret Butter

staff comment "Nice balance of butter and salt."
interesting bite Joey Fatone and Lance Bass of the band *NSYNC once made Pop Secret on the revving engine of a NASCAR vehicle.

Healthy Choice Butter

staff comment "Tastes like real popcorn but needs more salt."
interesting bite A popped 6-cup serving has only 100 calories.