The F&W staff tasted 16 iced teas—sweetened, unsweetened and lemon-flavored, from bags, bottles and mixes—and rated these best.

Honest Tea Lori’s Lemon Tea

staff comment "Slightly herbal, not too sweet and very refreshing."
interesting bite When Honest Tea started in 1998, the company brewed tea in giant laundry-bag-size sacks made from the mesh used for pool skimmers.

Lipton Cold Brew

staff comment "Clean tea flavor with a good hint of lemon."
interesting bite A single bag of Lipton may contain up to 60 different types of tea. Each day, Lipton’s professional tasters "slurp" several hundred spoonfuls of different tea blends.

Tazo Organic Iced Tea

staff comment "It tastes like well-brewed tea with a touch of lemon and honey."
interesting bite Tazo sponsors CHAI—Collaboration for Hope and Advancement in India—a community-development program in the tea-growing region of Darjeeling.