Hot chocolate helps take the edge off those raw March nights. F&W editors sampled several cocoas available in stores or by mail order. We liked these four so much we'd happily drink them in summer.

Bernard Callebaut

staff comment "What espresso is to American coffee, this is to regular hot chocolate."
interesting bite Callebaut won a Grand Prize as Artisan Chocolatier at France's International Festival of Chocolate.
$9 for an 18-oz. bag; 888-388-9927

Scharffen Berger Natural Cocoa Powder

staff comment "For those who like their hot chocolate a little less sweet. Dark, with depth."
interesting bite Scharffen Berger is one of the few brands made without alkali, an additive that alters the flavor.
$8 for a 6-oz. can; 800-930-4528

Ghirardelli Double Chocolate

staff comment "A bit sweet, but good chocolate flavor and great texture."
interesting bite Domingo Ghirardelli patented the popular Broma process for manufacturing powdered chocolate.
$6 for a 16-oz. can; 800-877-9338

Schokinag European Drinking Chocolate

staff comment "A little honeyed taste, and nice spiciness, too."
interesting bite This 17th-century-style drink uses bits of both dark and milk chocolate, with a dusting of cocoa powder.
$15 for a 16-oz. can; 866-972-6879