Only 17% of poll respondents told us they wish they had time to make chicken stock from scratch—which suggests most people are happy to use canned broth instead. We tested a wide selection of supermarket kinds and picked our three favorites.

College Inn Chicken Broth

staff comment "Well-seasoned, with a rich chicken flavor."
interesting bite The brand began as a line of canned dishes from a Chicago hotel whose chef loved cooking with broth.

Health Valley Fat-Free Chicken Broth

staff comment "Nice aroma and a natural, clean taste."
interesting bite To emphasize its all-natural philosophy, Health Valley prints its labels with soy ink.

Swanson Natural Goodness Chicken Broth

staff comment "Tastes like chicken and not much else—which is great."
interesting bite The company, created in 1899, was named after 23-year-old Swedish cofounder Carl Swanson.