After a long day, 29 percent of voters said, they eat fast food or takeout. With that in mind, F&W staffers went on a burger-eating trek. Here's how we ranked four national burger chains (in descending order of popularity).

Wendy's Classic Single

staff comment "Fresh-tasting, with lots of lettuce and tomatoes—has a very homey appeal."
interesting bite The chain is named after the founder's daughter Melinda. Her siblings pronounced the name "Winda" and "Wendy."

McDonald's Quarter Pounder

staff comment "Nice thick burger, with a great mix of onions, cheese and ketchup. But the bun is bland."
interesting bite Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald. He appeared in a television commercial in 1963.

Burger King Whopper

staff comment "Flame-broiling makes the meat more flavorful. The burger has the perfect amount of tomatoes and pickles, but too much mayo."
interesting bite The company claims that the Whopper's nine possible toppings can be combined in 1,537 ways.

White Castle Burger

staff comment "The holes in the patty are odd, but the pickles are a nice touch, and the burger is so cute."
interesting bite White Castle burgers are steam-grilled over onions; the holes let the grilling flavor penetrate the patties.