To find the zippiest barbecue sauce available on supermarket shelves, the F&W staff tasted 27 nationally sold brands stocked by grocery stores. These four barbecue sauces won out.

Bone Suckin’ Sauce Hot

staff comment "Tangy and smoky with a real kick."
interesting bite The company president’s grandmother used to suck the sauce off ribs and chicken bones, hence the name.

Napa Valley Barbecue Co.’s Johnny’s Original

staff comment "Nice heat and not too sweet."
interesting bite This recipe was invented by company founder Johnny McIntosh, who once owned a barbecue restaurant.

Texas Best Original Rib Style Barbecue Sauce

staff comment "Great for brushing on meat and poultry; a little fruity and a little spicy."
interesting bite The original recipe dates back to 1933; two years ago, the company lightened and sweetened it.

Hay Day Country Market Memphis BBQ Sauce

staff comment "Hot, with a pleasing lemony flavor."
interesting bite Tomato-based Memphis-style sauces get their spice from black pepper; this one uses cayenne, too.