Studio Connect only has 600 members, and they get to try new Target products early. 
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Credit: Diane Macdonald/Getty Images

Target products are undeniably irresistible, but wouldn’t you love to see what’s coming to shelves before everyone else? Some Target shoppers get to do just that, and it’s all through the store’s secret app, Studio Connect.

As Fast Company reports, Studio Connect, which keeps a low profile, only allowing in 600 members, lets users check out, and sometimes even try, products before they arrive in stores. Though they aren’t paid for participating, they can earn points that go toward discounts and gift cards. Here's how you can get invited to join: Target largely picks new members from those surveys that appear in the store's receipts, so if you're hoping to get picked next, you might want to start taking part.

Target designers have their own Studio Connect accounts, and they often use the app’s user base to ask questions about potential products. For instance, Fast Company outlines one example in which a designer asked the community for suggestions for a Mother’s Day slogan that could appear on a T-shirt. The user-suggested slogans did actually appear on shirts that were sold in Target stores.

The app also connects with kids, who can submit drawings of patterns they’d like to appear on their clothes. Often, designers draw directly from this feedback when creating new garments (though users are not given any public credit or proceeds if their ideas are used by the store).

Customers can also ask Target questions through Studio Connect, which is especially important for parents of children with autism or medical impairments. These customers can make suggestions on how to improve Target's clothing for kids with special needs.

Studio Connect gives Target a direct line to the interests and desires of its consumers, letting them have a say in the development of the store's products, from housewares to clothing lines. It’s also a much faster way to introduce said products to stores. Instead of waiting for the results of formal polls or focus groups, designers can simply log on to the app and ask a question, and the Target community will be ready to answer.