'Made by Design' includes a minimalist take on kitchenware.
Coffee Maker
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Going to Target boosts my mood. I could be buying a bath towel or checking out the selection of throw pillows—it doesn’t matter. Everything at Target is reasonably priced, well-made, and surprisingly chic. I could go in there on a weeknight looking for measuring cups and walk out with a new bathmat and soap dispensers—the thrall of walking the aisles gets me every time (especially if I make a stop by the slushie machine first, which I highly recommend). So when I found out that Target would be launching a new line of housewares, I was ecstatic (and completely prepared to part with all the money in my checking account).

Credit: Courtesy of Target

The new line is called Made By Design, and it’s available to look at, but not purchase on Target’s website right now. The style of the collection is very minimalist: monochrome bedding and towels, beech wood kitchen utensils like a rolling pin and spatula, and unfussy glass mixing bowls and white plates. If you like to keep the décor in your home simple, this is the home line.

Credit: Courtesy of Target

The palate is neutral for the most part: There’s an especially nice collection of laundry storage in cool-toned grey that drew my eye, as did the pour over coffee maker.

Pots and Pans
Credit: Courtesy of Target

As for the rest of the appliances included in the collection, you’ll find just about everything you could ever need to fully outfit your kitchen, from cookie sheets to stainless steel cookware, to tools like tongs, whisks, and cheese graters.

Credit: Courtesy of Target

Of course, you’re still getting the great deals you’ve come to expect from Target with Made By Design. A set of stainless steel fry pans, for instance, is only $35, while an 11-piece ceramic-coated aluminum cookware set (which includes two saucepans and a stockpot) is only $120.

Target fanatics like myself will certainly find something to love in this collection, but so will people who are decorating their homes and kitchen on a budget—especially those who don’t want to sacrifice style for an affordable price.

The Target Made By Design collection goes on sale June 23.