Target Wants to Deliver Your Starbucks Order Curbside, Too

Target says the option to order Starbucks as part of curbside pickup was a top customer request.

Target drive-up sign; a Starbucks cup in a car cupholder
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In 1999, when Target began partnering with Starbucks to put locations inside of their stores, the retail giant gave customers one more incentive to come in and shop. Because who wants to buy a bike pump, children's T-shirts, and frozen pizzas without also getting a cup of coffee? But as more customers have shifted to ordering online for curbside pickup, should customers still have to go into the store to get their Starbucks fix? Target has the answer: "Of course not!"

This week, the chain announced that, starting in select test markets later this year, customers who place orders through the Target app for the brand's Drive Up same-day pickup service will be able to add a Starbucks order for curbside delivery to their cars.

It's just one of the additions Target is making to the service — along with being able to make a return from your car. (Whether you can return a faulty Frappucino wasn't immediately clear.)

"Our guests continue to tell us they love the ease and convenience of Drive Up, and they have been asking us to add even more of the Target experience to the service. Adding a Starbucks order and easy returns, while expanding our backup item options, will give guests even more of what they love about shopping at Target, quickly and easily," Mark Schindele, Target's chief stores officer, said in a statement. "Ongoing investments in our same-day services have built trust and relevance with our guests, while meeting their needs — no matter how they choose to shop."

According to Target, after surveying guests about the Drive Up service, the option to add a Starbucks order was actually a "top request." The company says that, when the new feature rolls out, guests will have to go into the app to alert the store that they are "on their way" which is when a Starbucks order can be placed (since you don't want a hot coffee sitting around all day getting cold).

Upon arrival, the entire order — Target and Starbucks — will be brought to your car by a Target team member. Sadly, this means you won't be able to interact with your Starbucks barista. But then again, depending on how embarrassingly complicated your order is, that might be a good thing.

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