By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 22, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of Talenti

What gelato flavor are you? It’s a question you’ve probably never asked yourself once in your life. As an American, maybe I’ve occasionally pondered what ice cream flavor I would be, but definitely not gelato.

Well, gelato maker Talenti thinks they know what kind of gelato flavor you are. Or at least they believe they can figure it out by snooping around your social media accounts. They’ve launched a new site called “Flavorize Me” that turns your personality into a special gelato flavor; all you have to do is link up one or more of your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

Since this is my job, I reluctantly let Talenti peak into my Twitter account and generate a flavor for me. After scouring some of my tweets, out popped the result: “Pie Crust Mocha Peach.” Wow. It’s like they really know me.

Wondering how Talenti paired me with such a bizarre and not-particularly-appealing flavor, I scrolled down to their “science-ing of my flavor” section. Turns out they start by deciding whether a person is “sweet,” “bitter” or “spicy” and found 22 sweet things– words like “like,” “good” and “free”—in my profile. My spicy words included “party,” “impressive” and “high” – which left me wondering exactly what definition of “high” Talenti thought I had in mind when I was tweeting.

Regardless, Talenti plans to keep track of all these crazy new flavors they generate, and come September 15th, they’ll announce whose flavors are actually going to get made. Six lucky winners will receive four free pints of Talenti Gelato in his/her flavor. And hey, if you don’t like, it’s your own fault: They came from your social media posts!