Hershey's Take5 Candy Bar Is Officially a Reese’s Product

The salty and sweet bar already had Reese’s peanut butter inside, so why not?

Photo: The Hershey Company

Candy bars are easy to take for granted. Many beloved brands have been creating consistent fan favorites for decades, while a few big blips on the new product radar have become classics in their own right (we’re looking at you, Cookies ’n’ Creme bar!). But largely, it’s been difficult to innovate in the candy bar space. That may be why Hershey is going with the classic “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to rebooting one of the 125-year-old candy company’s 21st Century additions, the Take5 bar.

Take5 was first released in 2004 and (correctly) banked on the persistent and growing appetite for salty-sweet treats in the American market. The bar is chock full of everything you might find in other competing confections — chocolate, caramel, peanuts, peanut butter — and the more unexpected addition of pretzels for both textural and savory appeal. It’s certainly been one of my favorite candy bars since its debut 15 years ago, and it even recently made the top of the L.A. Times’s candy bar ranking… for flavor, that is. The wrapper, on the other hand, came in at an underwhelming 24th. Whether you think about it consciously or not, wrappers are the eye candy that draw us to the actual candy within.

The Hershey Company

But despite the drab black background and scattered images of its quintet of ingredients, Hershey’s had plans for a makeover anyway, and a revelation that fans of the bar may or may not have been privy to already:

Take5 bars contain Reese’s peanut butter.

Yes, this whole time there’s been another unofficial Reese’s product in the candy aisle. But as of today, Hershey’s is making it official with new orange packaging and a name change to Reese’s Take5.

“It’s time the world learns why they’ve always loved Take5 bars so much,” Reese’s senior brand manager, Jack Wilder said in a statement. “But more importantly, it’s time that the Take5 bar goes to its rightful owner, Reese’s.”

So if you’re a Reese’s fan who’s never tried Take5, take a look for the orange wrapper in stores starting mid-summer 2019. And if you’re a Take5 fan, have no fear that your favorite candy bar has been discontinued or changed on the inside — it just traded in its dour duds for a new Reese’s orange wardrobe.

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