Back in April, the London City Airport listed Marmite as their second most confiscated food item – coming in just behind “jam/marmalade” and ranking above Lyle’s golden syrup, Nutella and Heinz baked beans. (For those who find that list weird, keep in mind these people are flying out of London.)

Not wanting to miss out on the coveted “we’re addicted to your product but not to the point where we’re willing to check a bag” crowd, Marmite has decided to introduce a 70 gram (about 2.5 ounce) travel-size jar specifically for people who want to take some of the cult-favorite spread back home with them in their carry-on luggage. According to PSFK, “this new version will be sold in selected British stores for just £1.”

So what about the rest of the foods on the most confiscated list? No word on whether other brands will follow suit, but you can feel good knowing that some of England’s less fortunate are eating like true tourists: All of the airport’s confiscated food gets sent to a food bank in East London.