Ichiran had a line out the door for over ten days.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 30, 2017
Credit: Din Eugenio / Getty Images

If residents of Taipei were looking to wait until the crowds calmed down outside of the city’s first Ichiran Ramen location, they would have been waiting for over ten days. That’s how long the 24-hour ramen chain had a line outside after its opening on June 15 – a total of 250 straight hours and counting, a new record.

Long lines are nothing new for the Japanese ramen chain which – despite now having 70 locations including in Hong Kong, the United States and now Taiwan – continues to draw large crowds whenever a new outlet opens. When Ichiran opened its first US location in Brooklyn last year, hundreds were waiting in line when the doors were unlocked. And in fact, the previous record for longest continuous line outside a restraint was set by – you guessed it – Ichiran Ramen when it opened its first Hong Kong location in 2013, according to EJ Insight.

But that old Hong Kong record of 196 hours even seems paltry compared to this new mark. Possibly more outrageous is that, though local media began reporting on the new record of 250 hours, at that time, apparently about 70 people were still waiting in line to get into the 60 seat ramen shop. I think at that point, even the reporters called it quits, because reports on how much longer the line persisted have apparently dried up.

As for the actual wait times, though they weren’t days long, they weren’t pretty either, even during non-peak hours. Reports are that during the morning hours of 6 am and 10 am, customers were waiting about 35 minutes. Night owls actually fared far worse: From 11pm to 3am, the post-bar crowd was driving wait times up to closer to 100 minutes with an estimated 200 people in line.

But maybe the most depressing fact of all is, as SoraNews24 reported, temperatures in Taipei have been peaking in the 90s as of late. Yes, nothing like waiting for a couple hours in the summer heat to go in and get yourself a refreshing bowl of… hot ramen.