By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 09, 2016
Credit: © David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images

If you’re looking to get people excited about anything, you can rarely go wrong with puns and avocados – meaning a new voting initiative called “Guac The Vote” may be one of the smartest political campaigns ever launched. Especially because it also takes advantage of another perennial favorite: taco trucks.

In a riff on the “taco truck on every corner” comment made by Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez, the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has initiated a plan to use taco trucks across the country as voter registration centers. Chamber president Javier Palomarez told NBC News the plan is to coordinate with the more than 200 local chambers of commerce and business associations that are part of the USHCC to get taco trucks the resources they need to start registering voters. “We are hoping in the next two weeks it will be in full swing,” Palomarez was quoted as saying.

Though this new initiative comes as part of the backlash against Gutierrez’s comments, and the USHCC has formally endorsed Clinton, Palomarez insists that the primary goal of Guac The Vote is simply getting people registered. “We will not be pitching a candidate,” he said, emphasizing that the effort would be bipartisan. Though some may find that hard to believe, I think most people would agree that a love of tacos knows no party lines.

However, beyond the wonderful name, it’s worth noting that specifics on Guac The Vote still seem to be pretty scarce. Since training taco truck workers to register voters would be a bit time-consuming – and these workers would probably be busy making and selling tacos anyway – a more likely plan appears to be having people who can register potential voters standing around outside taco trucks.

For now, if you need to register to vote (and deadlines are coming up fast), it probably couldn’t hurt to hit up your local taco truck and see if they’re on the Guac The Vote bandwagon. Worst case scenario, you can just get a quesadilla and then register somewhere else.

[h/t Eater]