Credit: © Lynne Gilbert / Getty Images

Taco Bell got its reputation as a stoner's paradise for a reason. They're willing to delve down deep into the psyche of the junk food loving community and unearth ungodly creations human beings never even knew they were capable of craving. From fried chicken shells to Flamin' Hot Frito tacos to croissant and biscuit tacos to, well, pretty much any insane thing your drunken finger can conjure up on their app. Heck, they're even serving booze to provide a little hair of the dog during your hangover. And soon, the borderline south-of-the-border food chain will unveil a new item on their menu in an ad that will air during the Super Bowl. So what crime against food-manity will Taco Bell be committing? They won't tell us. The press release has, for some reason, been redacted.

With so much intentionally missing information, it leaves the world wondering what will Taco Bell taco next? Kale? Cap'n Crunch? Quinoa? Will they taco anything at all? Is 2016 the year of the breakfast nacho? Can I patent breakfast nachos? Speculating is so fun, FWx has decided to let you get in on the action by turning the Bell's redacted press release into a choose-your-own-abomination Mad Lib-style. Just print out our handy form and add in any appropriate/inappropriate nouns, verbs and adjectives to entertain you and everyone who thinks you're funny. The possibilities are endless, and as an added bonus you can put money on whose ridiculous fictional concoction will actually turn out to be the real menu item. That's way better than betting on some stupid football game. Enjoy and live más!