Taco Bell Is Getting Wi-Fi

Taco Bell chooses Comcast to provide wi-fi at over 6,200 locations nationwide

Sometimes it feels like Taco Bell has teamed up with every major brand under the sun. An ongoing partnership with Frito-Lay has blessed us with Doritos Locos Tacos. Thankfully, the chain convinced Hershey to let it put Kit Kats in its new Chocoladilla. Heck, the company even recently worked with Forever21 on a new clothing line. But despite all that, the fast food brand's latest deal might actually have more of an impact on your Taco Bell experience than any other: The Mexican chain has inked an agreement with Comcast to provide guest Wi-Fi at more than 6,200 locations across the U.S.

Wi-Fi isn't new to Taco Bell. Back in 2011, the chain promised free internet in all of the brand's then-5,600 restaurants by 2015 thanks to an agreement with Indoor Direct. But six years is forever in internet time, and apparently the Bell is hoping that Comcast can do some serious upgrading to the company's wireless system. Though Comcast plans to overhaul all of Taco Bells digital communications services, both for customers and behind the scenes, as far as people dropping in for one of those new burritos that basically have Pop Rocks in them are concerned, Comcast Business says the plan is to bring new networks to each restaurant capable of minimum download speeds of 20 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps.

"Comcast Business understands the unique network demands of national restaurant chains and looks forward to supporting Taco Bell, one of the technology leaders of the fast food industry," Glenn Katz, VP & GM Enterprise Solutions at Comcast Business, said in a statement. Apparently, the telecom powerhouse created a new "Enterprise Services" program back in 2015 specifically to target Fortune 1000 companies with multiple locations, so as far as Comcast is concerned, this is probably a pretty big score.

Of course, many people, let's just say, already have certainly feelings about Comcast as a company. But hey, on the bright side, if you have trouble with your Taco Bell Wi-Fi in the future, at least you'll have a familiar face to blame.

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