Here's how many weddings the fast-food chain's Vegas flagship has held since getting in on the marriage business last year.
Taco Bell And Pizza Hut Restaurants Ahead Of Yum! Brands Earnings Figures
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If you've been toying with the idea of getting married amid Crunchwrap Supremes and nacho fries—that is, surrounded by all your loved ones—you may want to get something on the books.

Taco Bell is now an authority on marriage, sort of, and they're ramping up their wedding game. Since the chain began marrying people at their Las Vegas flagship exactly one year ago, they've held 60 weddings, with 25 more planned for this season.

But if you want Taco Bell to be part of your wedding day without schlepping to Las Vegas, you can still incorporate Taco Bell branding, wherever you end up celebrating: Taco Bell's Taco Shop now sells "Taco Bell wedding attire and accessories," including garters, bow ties, and t-shirts.

That's correct—we live in a world where Taco Bell-branded garters exist.

Couples can also purchase (here) an entire wedding package, which includes a Taco Bell garter, bow tie, sauce packet wedding bouquet, "Just Married" t-shirts, Taco Bell champagne flutes, a Cinnabon wedding cake, and a Taco 12 Pack.

"In just one year, we have had over 60 couples, averaging more than one per week, tie the knot with us at our Las Vegas Cantina," said Marisa Thalberg, Chief Brand Officer of Taco Bell, in a statement. "And as we round this anniversary, we are excited to make future ceremonies even bigger and better than before." The chain has expanded their "Party Room," so more guests can attend the Vegas cemerony.

Below, find some of the photos from this year's wedding ceremonies:

If you don't find Taco Bell particularly romantic, maybe you feel more strongly about White Castle. Earlier this year, we attended the first-ever White Castle wedding in Las Vegas, and, to be completely transparent with you, we cried the entire time.