Taco Bell's $10 Digital Taco Subscription Is Coming Back — But You Only Have One Day to Sign Up

The digital taco subscription service includes one taco per day for 30 straight days.

Taco Bell tacos and Taco Lover's Pass
Photo: Taco Bell

Thanks to the Mexican Pizza, Taco Bell has had no shortage of publicity in 2022 — shoutouts from the likes of Doja Cat and Dolly Parton and a TikTok musical to boot. The chain even announced plans to try to keep the momentum going by asking fans to vote on what discontinued former menu item they'd like to see brought back next.

However, as their name implies, Taco Bell's proverbial bread-and-butter is literal tacos — and so for their next promotion, tied to National Taco Day, the brand is revisiting a deal that has proven popular at restaurant chains in recent years: Taco Bell Taco Lover's Pass is coming back.

First trialed in September of last year before getting a nationwide launch in January, the Taco Lover's Pass digital subscription gives holders the chance to redeem one of seven tacos — the Crunchy Taco, Crunchy Taco Supreme, Soft Taco, Soft Taco Supreme, Spicy Potato Soft Taco, Doritos Locos Tacos, or Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme — each day for 30 consecutive days, all for the low price of just $10.

Earlier this year, Taco Bell made the pass available for an "extended limited time," before pulling the offer, but in honor of National Taco Day (October 4), the chain is opening the subscription back up exclusively on the Taco Bell app for one day only — what Taco Bell says is a chance to "extend the holiday into a supreme month-long celebration."

And yet, customers probably shouldn't be surprised the subscription is coming back. In the past, Taco Bell has gloated about how well the promotion has driven people to sign up for the Taco Bell Rewards program, which customers have to be a member of to buy the pass. But at the same time, Taco Bell can't just keep the subscription open all the time: If we've learned one thing from the Mexican Pizza (and Nacho Fries!), it's that a surefire way to get people excited about something is to intermittently take it away from them.

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